Monday, January 5, 2015


We had a slower week with the start of the holidays, a lot of people were out of town.

The busbys were out of town this week, so we didn't see them last week, and Teresa go sick, she didn't want us to come over so we wouldn't get sick.  fortunately she was feeling better to be able to come to church.  Glenn didn't make it to church either, the adversary has been trying him very hard.  The other elders in the ward have been helping him when they can meet with him, which is difficult with his work schedule.

Kristy and Umberto are doing well, we were able to meet with them.  They haven't come to church in a few weeks.  We have been trying to keep daily contact with them.  Other than the not coming to church part things are going well with them.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but we found out Eric Pedroza is a member.  He was baptized about five years ago in Wittier.  then later the bishop found out his parents are members.  The father also named Eric invite Elder Phoompaung and I over for dinner.  Eric jr wasn't there but we had a good conversation with the parents.  they don't come to church because their work schedules have them working on Sundays. Sister Pedroza is going to try and get Sundays off after the holidays.  Our bishop works at the employment at the D.I. in LA, do Brother Pedroza has been working with him to find a new job.  Bishop didn't find out until later the Brother Pedroza was a member.  Their records are now in the ward.  They have been grateful that we come and see Eric Jr. because he has been a little wayward.

That is about it for my week.  Nothing to exciting happened to us.
Thanks for the love and support.

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