Monday, January 26, 2015


Last week was a slower week for us.  But this week it going to be better.  We have plans to start teaching new investigators. It's weird to think that my mission is almost over.

We weren't able to meet with the Busbys or the Aguilars, It's a struggle with them.  Teresa is doing good.  She didn't make it ot church though.  We tried to meeting with Eric but he missed the appointment that we had and he wasn't ever home when we would go by.  He has been a little more difficult lately, but we are still trying to meet him and get him to church.

Kristy and Umberto are doing good.  They made it to church on Sunday.  We went over Wednesday morning.  Umberto had a along night so he was still asleep when we went over.  So we just taught Kristy instead. We taught her about the law of tithing and she committed to pay her tithing.  We are going to focus on helping Umberto to gain a testimony.

Nothing to exciting happened this week.  Thanks for the love and support.

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