Monday, January 5, 2015


It was another slow week. Things should get more normal now that the holidays are over.
Teresa is doing good.  She is going to get started on family history so she can take family names to the temple.  Sister Busby was busy this so we weren't able to meet with her, but she is good.  We just need to get her coming to church.  The aguilars were also busy but they are also doing well, if we can get them going to church more often that would be great.  We were able to meet with Eric again he is going good.  Hopefully we can get him and his parents to church.
Umberto and Kristy are doing good.  They didn't come to church because they slept in and was going to be late.  We let them know better late then never.  So hopefully they will start to coming to church more now.  We are going to keep working with them.  Our main goal with them is to help prepare Umberto for baptism and get them on the path to be sealed I the temple.
New years is like any other day.  We were in bed by 10:30, nothing special.  Nothing to exciting this week. We did talk to someone wo was going to a Christian church, then stopped because he got offended when everyone left the building during an earthquake.  Then he asked us if there was an earthquake in heaven would we leave God's house?  I didn't know there was earthquakes in heaven. 

That is about it for my week thanks for the love and support

Elder Peterson


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