Monday, January 26, 2015


We had a decent week last week. It's starting to warm up now.

Kristy and Umberto are moving, they were having difficulties with their landlord and other stuff.  so we they are going to New Mexico, where they have some family.  But they are doing good.  They plan on going to church there and still work with the missionaries.  Their plan is to move Tuesday afternoon.  It's a little sad to see them go, but things will go better for them in New Mexico.

We haven't been able to see the Pedrozas in awhile.  They haven't been home when we have gone over.  We saw the Aguilars they are doing good.  They have caught the sickness that is going around.  We still need work with them on coming to church.

We started teaching a kid named Erik Trinidad.  We has a former investigator in our area book.  It's going to be difficult to get him to church, because he told us that he uses Sunday for homework.  Other than that he is solid.  He reads the Book of Mormon and he prays  Once we can get him to come to church is should be smooth sailing from there.

As for exciting stories:  I tried octopus and pigs feet the other day.  Octopus isn't to bad just a little chewy, I would eat it again.  Pigs feet had a good taste, it was mostly the texture of the meat that I didn't like.  but it was a fun experience.

Thanks for the love and support.

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