Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We had a good week this week.  The next few months are looking good too.

Both Glenn and Teresa are doing good.  Glenn found a place in Hacienda to live, his job still has him working hard, but he still makes it to church.  We also started working with a few part member families.  The Aguilar family, Sis Aguilar is a the only member, the whole family comes every once in awhile.  She is little less active herself, but she wants her family to come.  Her husband is the most difficult, he comes to church and likes the missionaries.  But he still considers himself Catholic.

The Busby family is another family we have been working with.  Sister Busby is also less active.  Her two kids aren't members and her boyfriend she lives with isn't a member.  They don't come to church, the boyfriend is similar to Sister Aguilar's husband, he likes us but is catholic.  We started teacher her son, Nathan, the biggest problem will be getting them to come to church.

The other family we have started to work with is the Perez family.  Sister Perez is a member her husband is not.  She has been less active for a long time, but she came back to church because she feels that she needs to.  It has been rough trying to meet with them, stuff keeps coming up and they have to reschedule.  they are really excited to meet with us.  Her husband seems like he would want to get baptized, it might take some time.

On Monday Elder Sitati of the seventy came and instructed us on how to improve ourselves and our companionships.  He is an amazing me.  He also wanted to talk with a few missionaries afterwards.  President Villanueva selected a few missionaries to have some one on one time with him.  I and a few other missionaries had that opportunity.  It was definitely a blessing.

That's it for my week, thanks for all the love and support.


We had transfers this week.  Both Elder Phoomphuang and I are both still in Hacienda Height 2nd ward. 

We weren't able to see Teresa this week, but she came to church for sacrament meeting then she went home.  She is doing good she is staying strong in the gospel.  Her baby is doing good too.  Glenn couldn't make to church on Sunday because he got off work at 8 that morning after working a 28 hour shift and said he was so tired he almost pulled on the side of the freeway coming home from work so he could sleep.

Nothing to eventful happened this week.  Things in this area slowed down for awhile. It does look like it is going to pick up again; we found a potential investiagator at the laundry mat.  Her name is Maria, the hardest part with her might be Joseph Smith.  Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson


It was a good week for us, a little long though.

Glenn is doing good.  We talk with him when we can, he got the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday.  Everyone was excited about that.  He also bore his testimony for the first time on Sunday.  We have had a hard time meeting with Teresa this week, but she is going good.  Other than that we have been trying to pick up new investigators which is a little difficult, and the same with less actives.  No cool stories or anything exciting happened to us.

Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson


It was a slow week for us.

Glenn is doing good, it's hard to meet with him because he is working
so much and is living outside then ward boundaries right now. He makes
it to church on Sundays so we talk with him then and sometimes he
gives a call during the week.  Teresa is doing good she could make it
to church this week. We have been trying to meet with a few less
actives during the week. We had on give us a call and wanted to meet
with us, his name is Bennie, but things kept coming up and he had to
reschedule, he did try to come to church but couldn't make it.

That's our week, thanks for the and support.

Elder Peterson


It was a slow week for us last week.  It was good to go to the temple today.

Glenn is doing good, we can't really meet with except on Sunday's because he is working 12+ hours a day everyday but Sunday.  He had to work on Sunday because they are short a few workers.  He has asked for Sundays off, so we only see him on Sundays.  He does give us a call occasionally to let us know how things are.
Teresa had a bit of a busy week, so we weren't able to meet with her this week.  She did make it to church on Sunday, but only for the first hour.  She is okay with it because she was at least able to take the sacrament.
So this week was pretty slow it was hard to get in people's home.  Other than having our quarterly interviews with the mission president on Monday and the temple to today not much happened.
Thanks for the love and support. 
Elder Peterson



Last week was a slow week for us.  We have been having a hard time finding new investigators.

Teresa is doing good, her baby is doing good.  Teresa is wanting to learn more and strengthen her testimony.  We went over the gospel of Jesus Christ with her, she has a great understanding of it.  Glenn is doing good, we have a hard time meeting with him because he is working 12+ hours six days.  So the only time we get to see him is on Sunday.  Everything is going well with him.

We were able to watch the movie Meet the Mormons.  It was good documentary about six different families through out the world, about their lives and how the gospel bless them.  It does it in a non threatening way. 

That's about if for a week nothing else exciting happened.  Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson