Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Transferred to Temple City Ward

Well sorry that I didn't email on Monday. So Saturday we had transfer calls both Elder Bell and I thought that both of us were staying, but we were wrong. I got transferred to Temple city ward, which covers parts of Rosemead, Temple city, Arcadia and El Monte. I live in an apartment in El Monte. It's kind of weird being back. The reason why I didn't email was because the libraries around here are closed on Monday kind of stupid I think. So my new companion is Elder Stinson from Portland Oregon.
My last week in Claremont was a good one. When I first got there, we had next to nothing to work with, in the last transfer we had several investigators we were working with.
We started teaching a guy named Andrew, he was a referral form the Spanish missionaries, we really seems excited to meeting with missionaries. The wright family (the part member family I've mentioned) have feed a dinner a while back and also seem excited, especially the kids. They made it to church on Sunday. John didn't come to church, so his baptism date will have to be pushed back. We meet Denise and started meeting with here daughter Brittney last week. They both came to church, Brittney seems really excited to meet with us. Saturday evening before we got transfer calls several missionaries were volunteered to help  be crowed control for a Chirstmas Parade in Covina, So we walked around in the cold for about 4 hours. 
So thats my last week in Claremont I was sad to leave, I'm not sure how a feel about this Temple City ward, the ward is split with us and a set of sister missionies so thats a first for me. It will be interesting and it sounds like I am going to have to be doing the same thing here that I was doing in Claremont, building the trust of members, started with next to nothing again. But is sound like it is better than what it was. 
Thanks for the love and support
Elder Peterson 

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