Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving=slower week

Last week was kind of a slow week mostly because everyone was out of town for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving day was the slowest, but a member invited us over to there house for dinner. It was strange both Elder Bell and I felt out of place.

We did meet with John and he is doing great he understands what we are teaching him and is excited to keep meeting with us. He didn't not come to church on Sunday, we aren't sure why but will are going to find out. 

Lorenc has moved out so he can be closer to school. He doesn't have a car so it took him about an hour and a half by bus. We are a little sad because he was doing great. We both know that he was a testimony but he doesn't know that he was a testimony. We was rent from John and Jerry so we kind of started teach John and Lorenc together. One time John asked us a question and Lorenc stepped in and answered it for him and pretty much testified to him without realizing it. So we are letting the missionaries that cover the area he moved to know so they can continue to teach him.

We meet with Denise but her daughter Brittney was not there, Denise told us that they would both come to church on Sunday. Denise walked in and sat down, we didn't see her so we thought she didn't come. So we stopped by and found out she did, once again Brittney wasn't there. Denise says Brittney interested, so we keeping hoping to teach her with Denise. Though working with Denise will be kind of slow, she didn't really remember much. 

So if I didn't mention it we live with our zone leaders, and at the start of this transfer the new zone leader Elder Davenport, came out with me and we had lived together in the Orangewood ward when I was in El Monte, then he trained while we were still there. Last week the other zl Elder Mendoza when home to Spain a couple of week early so he could go to school. His replacement was Elder Maybe, the missionary that Elder Davenport trained, so all three of us are living together again. To make things crazier Elder Bell and Maybe were in the same MTC district. That doesn't happen everyday. 

So that was my week transfer calls are this weekend, most likely I will be staying in Claremont. The mission office has moved to a new location to make more convenient to get there by bus. It is 614 west Foothill Arcadia. Another thing is that I'm not sure when but it will be soon we will start Facebook proselyting so don't freak out if when you see me on Facebook. And you can't talk to me when I am on there or my mission president will make me defriend you. That means you Kersten.

Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson

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