Tuesday, December 24, 2013

kinda slow right now

So last week was an alright week. It was also kind of slow right now in Temple City. So Dylan doesn't want to meet with us right now. He haven't been able to meet with Henry, and Kelly is on vacation until January. We did pick up a new investigator, His name is Matt, the missionaries found him on the bus a couple of months ago, and we meet with him and are hoping to keep meeting with him. Reuben is doing good, still a little agnostic, but he wants to believe in God. He tried to come to church on Sunday but he missed the bus and couldn't make it. He still wants to meet with us, so we will keep going by.
So recently they have started a new way to teach investigators, I'm not sure if it is world wide but it sounds like it might go that way, because it came from the church missionary department. Basically it makes the lessons shorter and simpler. We have started teaching using the pamphlets, so lessons are now around 15 to 20 minutes, and it simplifies the teaching.
This week we are going to receive training for Facebook proselyting, so once again you can't contact me on Facebook or chat with me. I'm not sure all the details about it so at the end of this week or next week you will start to see me on Facebook. We will also be getting tablets and the end of January.
So nothing else to exciting happened. Thanks for the love and support, I really appreciated the Christmas letters I received from the ward thanks.
Elder Peterson
We are planning on calling around one, because of the time difference it will be two for you. I'm not sure if the members we are going to have Skype, but if they do I will probably do that.

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