Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sharing the gospel is like eating pie

So last week was a good week, it was a little slow. A family invited us over for Christmas eve dinner. It was a lot of fun, and spiritual.  They had some non-member family over, it was great experience for them, one of them commented that he didn't know that Mormon's knew how to have fun. And they totally felt the Spirit there. Christmas day was spent at the Arellono, the family that let us use their tablets for skype. And at the Marshells. We had a good time at both of them.
We were able to meet with Henry, we had a good lesson with him, we talked to him about church attendance. The concern there is that he thinks church is supposed to be loud with the Hallelujahs and the amens, he thinks that he doesn't like quiet hymns. He did agree to give it a try, but he didn't show up. So we are hoping we can get him to come this week
We also meet with Ruben, he is doing good, his faith is growing and he is starting to answer his own questions after we gave him a push in the right direction. He is still a little agnostic and doesn't really want to come to church, but he has agree to baptism.
On Sunday for the combined Priesthood Relief Society lesson, our ward mission leader Bro. Long was in charge, we went over the ward mission plan, and talked about missionary work. He asked the missionaries to speak, and some converts. The he had a object lesson on how members can do missionary work. Which by the way none of us knew he was going to do. He compared the Gospel to a delicious pie.  He had me come up and put a plastic garbage bag over my head, so the bag covered my suit. I was a little worried, knowing Bro. Long, plus pie plus plastic bag probably was not going to end well.  So he started to demonstrate how we need to shared the gospel one spoonful at a time. So he feed me the pie as he shared the gospel with me. Then he started to sharing everything. My thought then was maybe I should take my glasses off. Then I had a pie in my face. He did that to show that we can't throw the gospel in peoples faces, or it won't be delicious to them. Then he let me go get cleaned up. But just so you know my face, my glasses and my suit are okay. The pie was good and not everyone can say they got pied in the face as a missionary
So that's my week. Thanks for the love and support.
Elder Peterson


  1. That's a way good object lesson. I'm gonna steal it someday. And I seriously wish I'd been there!