Monday, November 4, 2013

"Being a district leader is basically being a babysitter"

Last week was great. Being district leader is basically a babysitter for about two other companionship (district can vary in size). And on Thursdays I teach district meeting, this week it was on Our Purpose as missionaries.

So the sister missionaries gave a referral. They are teaching a kid about 14, and his friend sat in a few times. His friend, Elijah, wanted to be taught by the missionaries. So they gave us his mom's number, and I gave her a call. She said that Elijah wants to come to church and she would like to come too. Her grandma is a member, and had come down to visit and brought them to church. We haven't started teaching them yet but we will this week, but the grandma is excited and Elijah and his mom, Denise, are excited to meet with her.

We are meeting with Sean Saturday, she doesn't seem to understand we would like to meet with her more that every two to three weeks. At least we are still meeting with her.  We haven't met with Amber again, but she called Saturday night at 8 because she wanted to come to church, so thankfully we were able to find a ride for her on short notice. We are hoping to meet with her again. We aren't sure how it is going to work out because either she was or is still on drugs, because she doesn't seem to be all there.

Halloween was just a normal day, expect we had to go in earlier. Last exciting story for the week. I can't remember what day this happened, Elder Bell and I were figuring out plans because other plans fell through, as we were standing there a car full of teenage boys drove by and were flipping us off. They then turned around and drove by again. Elder Bell kind of held up his hands, and looked at them like what's your problem, it wasn't a glare or anything. So they stopped and got two of them got out and started to walk towards us. I was watching them the corner of my eye as I was looking at a map, Elder Bell was watching getting ready to beat them if they tried anything. When they were a few feet away from us. One of them stopped and said I can't do this that's messed up. The other guy looked really tick off left us alone anyway. As they were walking away he said something, and the other kid said that God is right there man, and was pointing between Elder Bell and I, after they left we both felt we needed to get out of there, so we did and we avoided that area the rest of the day. 

That about sums it up, thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson.

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