Monday, November 11, 2013

kinda rough

So last week was kind of a slow week. We found out the Elijah is going to stay at his grandparents for the holidays, so he will be gone till about January. We are still hoping to be able to teach his mom Denise, but we haven't been able to get in contact with her. We were unable to meet with Sean on Saturday, she didn't reply to our messages to confirm the appointment. We wanted to confirm because we needed to bring another guy with us because she lives alone, and we can't go in with out another male there.  So we were hoping to confirm so we could find someone, instead of finding someone and the lesson canceling. So we hope we can get a hold of her soon.

Amber has kind of dropped of the face the planet, we can't get a hold her, she doesn't answer her phone, or respond to voice mails, and when we go by her house she isn't home. But both Elder Bell and I don't think she is all there mentally. Hopefully we can meet with her again, and see if she will progress. So we will see what happens. 

We did pick up a new investigator, her name is Brenda she had been taught by missionaries in the past, but she is willing to meet with us. She is on call, so we can't set appointments in advance, but will still will be able to meet with her. We have also been trying to pick up another investigator. His name is John Phan. He is the adopted son of a member who was baptized a couple of years ago but has stopped coming to church. It kind of annoying, but the weird thing is they gladly have us come over to do yard work (mostly us doing the work), but they won't sit down and have a lesson with us. We asked John when we were over there last time if we could have a lesson with him after we were done. He said yes, then a few minutes later he said can we do it tomorrow. We went by the next day, and they canceled. But they want us over to do more yard work though.

I guess the only exiting story I have this week is I got really sick on Thursday. It was at zone meeting, and I started not feeling well shortly before is started, Long story short I got up twice to go throw up, after the Elder Bell knew I was sick after the first time. So basically  we stayed home while I slept and puked about all day. It was not fun especially after there is nothing left in your stomach. But I feel better know, the weird thing was my chest hurt more than it had been that day. It has calm down to its normal pain level now. But I don't want do to that again. Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson

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