Monday, October 21, 2013

New investigator

Since Wednesday not much has happened. We had interviews with our Mission President. He does this just to check up on us and see how we are doing.We had a lesson with a referral we got. Her name is Amber. She had a rough past and wants to turn it around. She has been living in a sober living home for women. The missionaries that found her said that she was ready to be baptized. So we were able to meet with her on Thursday. The rough thing is that she doesn't answer her phone so we can't really confirm with her. She always remembers though. We taught her the Restoration. Just talking with her brought up some concerns. We aren't sure if she is all there mentally. We were talking about Joseph Smith and she started talking about how she wouldn't ever do heroine. That's just an example. So we are going to keep teaching her and see what happens.

This weekend the LaVerne stake, the stake I am in, had there stake conference. Elder Risenmay of the Seventy was the presiding authority. He shared some of his missionary experiences. There was also a special meeting for investigators, recent converts, and less actives. Amber was able to make it, she enjoyed both meetings. On Saturday, one of the councilors in the stake president talked about increasing our testimony. He shared an experience he had. He had an opportunity to go to the Hill Cumorah. While he has there he wanted to make it more memorable. So he grabbed a small tree he felt the bark, then he shook it, a few leaves fell off. Feeling good he grabbed a bigger tree. It felt the same when he tried shaking it, but it didn't budge. He compared that to growing your testimony. There will be times where your testimony wavers like the first tree. As you continue to grow it will be the second tree unmovable. The entire stake conference was really good.

Thanks for the love and support

Elder Peterson.

The sweater fits, I like the pillow case and towel. The other missionaries have commented on them. 

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