Friday, December 5, 2014


Dear missionary families,

We just wanted to let you know again how much we appreciate your missionaries in our ward.  They are hard workers and always wanting to do their best.  We had them over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and wanted to send you more photos.  The last several days we have had a lot of rain which is not that common in Southern California.  On Christmas Eve the elders will join a few families from the ward for dinner and then we will go caroling to a long-term assisted living facility for those who are mostly bedridden.  Then we will go to the bishop's house to retell the Christmas story and have the children act it out.  The elders have been joining us on Christmas Eve for many years.  It is a very sweet experience.  Thank you so much for sending your son or brother to our mission and to our ward.  We love them!

Melissa Rozsa


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