Monday, December 15, 2014


We had a rough week last week, but we got some rain throughout the week.
We weren't able to meet with Kristy and Umberto because they forgot to pay the phone bill and we couldn't reach them.  The bishop stopped by and told us that they are doing good so we are going to stop by this week.  The Aguilars are doing good they didn't come to church, it's going to be a long process with them I think.  We weren't able to meet with the Busbys either they weren't able to meet with us last week.  The rain kinda of slowed things down for us.  Glenn is doing good but he didn't make it to church on Sunday.  Teresa is doing good, she blessed her baby on Sunday and she asked Elder Phoomphaung and I to stand in.  Her stepfather gave the blessing.  It was a neat experience.
All the missionaries in the stake and the Spanish stake go to be security at the Christmas parade in Covina.  Basically what we did was walk along the side of the road making sure everyone stayed back.  That's it for my week,  thanks for the love and support.
Elder Peterson

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