Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Dear missionary families,

My name is Melissa Rozsa from the Hacienda Heights 2nd Ward.  We have six children and my husband is currently serving as the stake president in our stake.  Three of your sons came into our ward several weeks ago to join Elder Christensen who was already serving here.  I can't tell you how very much we are enjoying your missionary sons.  You would be so proud to see them at work.  They have come with great attitudes and a desire to work very hard.  They all work well as a team and are doing a wonderful job.  They look you in the eye, shake your hand with a great smile and are always wanting and willing to do whatever it takes to increase the miracles in our ward.  They are in good companionships where there is love and respect.

On Fast Sunday it was their first Sunday all together.  They didn't have a place to go for lunch so we made a quick lunch available.  I was so impressed that as we discussed different people to go see or contact that they were all taking notes and asking questions.

They came over again this past Sunday to our regularly scheduled lunch for them.  Lunch wasn't quite ready so we passed out hymnbooks and asked them to sing while they were waiting.  One after another they sang beautiful hymns. Our kids even opened up and sang with them while we sang in the kitchen.  It was such a beautiful spirit in our home.

You would be so proud to see them at work.  They have to do a lot of walking and riding of buses.  It's so refreshing to see them walking around town.  On Sunday there was a baptism in our ward of a lovely woman from the Philippines who is now moving this week to Texas.  Her sister and possible future husband are also members of the Church.  As she came up the stairs out of the water she said, "I'm so happy!"  During the rest of the meeting she was weepy.  Her baptism was back-to-back in the middle of the Chinese ward's baptism and the Korean branch's baptism.  How nice to be busy at the stake center!

Thank you for raising such great sons and missionaries.  I have told them repeatedly that we have always told the mission president to send us his very best...so that must mean they are the best!  

Have a great day,
Melissa Rozsa


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