Monday, May 26, 2014

Transfer to Hacienda Heights/El Monte

Last week went a little faster and it also cooled down.  I have also been transferred to Hacienda Heights Second ward.  It covers part of El Monte all of south El Monte and of Hacienda Heights.  I am with Elder Christensen working in El Monte and south El Monte while another set of Elders cover Hacienda Heights.  It’s kind of funny because Elder Christensen and I were in the MTC together.

All the lessons we had scheduled fell through, again.  So we spent most of the time trying to find more people to teach.  Saturday we set up a free lemonade and cookie stand in a park with the missionaries in the ward as well as some ward members.  That went really well we got some contact information.  It also let people know that we aren’t’ that weird.  I was also asked to give a talk last Sunday.  So that was my last week in Temple City.

Thanks for the love and support

Elder Peterson

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