Monday, May 5, 2014

It is getting hot!

Kind of a slow and really hot week.  It should be cooling down this week so that will be nice.

Pam is doing well she doesn’t know it is true or not.  So it is going slow with her.  Judy and Manuel Delgado schedule got a lot busier so it is going to be a lot harder to meet with them.  We did have an appointment with them Sunday, but that one fell through.  So that is about all that happened this week. 

Next week we are hoping to contact and start teaching some referrals.

Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson

I talked with President Becerra the other day.  He sends his love out to Nicole and the rest of the family.  He also is prayer for her.

We are planning on Skyping around 4 here so it will be about 5 in Utah

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