Tuesday, February 11, 2014

new ipad

So I didn't email yesterday because we had a training meeting. We
received our iPad minis so I am emailing from McDonalds on my iPad. We
are 1 of 30 missions to receive them. It's a adjustment on using these
because just about everything is on them. Our planner and area book,
they want use using the gospel library for our studies. Once we get
things figured out it will make thing a lot more effective. Other than
that is  was a normal week.

We talked with Debbie and Crystal and are an appointment to teach
other lesson. They still seem to be a little flaky, but we are hoping
that their desire will increase. Chris is still doing good. He hasn't
been to church yet which is a little irritating. He loves reading the
Bible, we aren't sure if he loves reading the Book of Mormon as much a
the Bible but we are going to check that next time we meet him.

We started teach Key, he from Vietnam, so there is kind of a language
barrier. He referred himself on Mormon.org, but it seems that he is
meeting with us because he wants to know more, he isn't really looking
for religion. So we will see how far he goes and if his interest

So the only exciting thing that happened this week was getting iPads.
Unless you think being barked at by dogs is exciting. Thanks for the
love and support.

Elder Peterson

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