Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last week was a slow week but it was still a good week. Most of the appointments we set up fell through. So what we have been trying to find new investigators that will want to meet with us. The only exciting thing that happened this week, has Henry, a former investigator we dropped about two months ago, gave us a call and said he wanted to meet with us again. So we set something up and went over Sunday night. This time his girlfriend Jessica was there, and he understood the Restoration better than he did before, and Jessica understood it. The law of chastity is going might be a problem because they are living together. Law of chastity and word of wisdom are the two biggest challenges with most people I have taught. But they both committed to get baptized. So it was a good ending to a not so good week. 

We are still trying to meet with Chris, he is starting to drop of the face of the planet. We are still trying to meet with David, Leo, and Pedro. To answer your question we usually wait couple weeks of trying to meet with someone before dropping them. We let them know from a note or a text to let us know when they are ready to meet with us again. They ward is helpful with fellowshipping a lot of them have a desire to come out with us, but I feel bad because we have a hard time getting appointments set up. 

That's it for my week thanks for the love and support

Elder Peterson

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