Monday, June 10, 2013

Long weeks means long letter

Last week was a long week. Lessons with investigators canceled, and investigator died on Sunday...She is the sister of Manny who was baptized in February. She was in a car accident on Saturday, in a coma then life support. Sunday they let her go. Manny is coping well. We asked a member of the YSA ward to contact him becasue he would do better there than in the Orangewood ward.  Irene keeps canceling on us. So... last week sucked. I don't think things could get any worse "knock on wood." Thanks for the love and support

So the Relief Society President has her own little brownie business and she sends brownies to the missionaries  families for Father's Day. She makes different flavors, so I'm sending my favorite caramel toffee. So I hope you like them. I also bought a card before I knew about that so Dad gets brownies and a card.

Elder Peterson

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