Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Staying in El Monte

Transfer calls came Saturday, I stayed in El Monte and Elder Jensen from Kaysville Utah is my new companion. He has been out about 18 months. Couple of weeks we picked up an investigator, she knew about the church because her ex son-in-law is a Mormon, she got in contact with the missionaries, she interested in genealogy is planning on going to the family history center. Right know she doesn't seem interested in joining, she just likes the way members of the church live. We had our first real lesson with her last week.  Nothing else too exciting happened this week other than the usual missionary work. Thanks for the love and support.

We've been doing e-mails on Tuesdays because the closest library is closed Mondays, we may be finding a place to do it on Mondays just giving you a heads up so you can start sending emails Sunday night or Monday morning.

Elder Peterson

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