Monday, April 14, 2014

New companion

Since Wednesday it has been going good. Elder Hendricks was
transferred and my new companion is Elder Rudy from Boise Idaho.

We taught Pam about the Plan of Salvation, she really liked it, she is
trying to understand the Book of Mormon, she read the chapters in
first Nephi where he quotes Isaiah, which really confused her. We let
her know that Isaiah is confusing. We also worked out that she could
go to a church that was closer to where she lived, because it is to
difficult for her to get to Arcadia where we meet. That about sums up
the rest of the week, we tried going by less actives and former
investigators, that didn't go to well. We might start teaching one
this week. We went by they were busy, but agreed to let
us come again.

The LA temple is outside of the mission, the mission covers east LA,
the temple is in West LA on the other side of Downtown LA. So a member
has to take us then we need to come back to the mission boundaries.

Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson

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