Monday, March 24, 2014

just a bent rim

Last week was a good week. The weather here can't decided if it wants to be hot or cold. I have also reached the point the mission seems to go faster as time goes on.

We are still meeting with Maria, she is making slow progress, but is still willing to meet with us, it just that here schedule is busy, and it is hard for her to find time to meet with us. So right now we are waiting for her to give us a call, or we might try by and see if she is home.

Pam missed an appointment but we tried by the next day and she was home. She seems receptive of what we teach she has prayed about it and says she hasn't received and answer, but she believes what we say and it makes sense to her.

Other than that we went by some less active members in the ward trying to see if we can help them feel the Spirit again and reactivate them those lessons went well. We are also working with members to help them with there missionary work.

So something  exciting thing that happened this week was on Tuesday a car that was coming out of a parking lot hit me. He wasn't going very fast so I wasn't hurt it bent my bike rim though. He just didn't see me but is saw him and knew it was unavoidable I pretty sure that God protect me. So other than that nothing else exciting happened.

Thanks for the love and support.

Elder Peterson

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