Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well been a slow week. It was still a good week though.
Reuben is doing good. We found out that he doesn't live in our area. We would meet him at his office, and we were told that he lived above it. Turns out he lives in Montebello, so we passed him on to the missionaries there. He was alright with that. Eric dropped us, we aren't sure why, he texted us and told us he didn't want to meet any more and wouldn't tell us why.
We have started teaching Debbie and her daughter Crystal, we taught them the Restoration. They seem a little flaky though. We had set up a return appointment, and they weren't home. when we saw them again they said to come back later.
So that's my week. Nothing too exciting happened this week. Thanks for the love and support.
Elder Peterson.

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