Monday, September 16, 2013

no more cars

Slow week again. We were unable to meet with any investigators last week. New transfer started today, Elder Thomson and I are still in Claremont. All cars are officially gone. So walking, biking and public transportation are how we are getting around. Zone leaders get to keep their cars for emergencies. So getting to the family history center today to do e-mail was an adventure. We rode the bus part of the way and we needed a different bus to get the rest of the way. The bus we needed doesn't run until 2:00. So we started walking we still had a few miles to go, we were able to find a ride. So we are going to change plans to get things figured out. This week should be a good week. One thing that we have started doing is sharing The Work of Salvation. It has excerpts from the broadcast back in June, it has videos about members missionary work. We share this videos with members to help them with their missionary work so we see how is works. Thanks for love and support.
Elder Peterson

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