Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Last week was kind of slow. Also a little irritating. Investigators cancelling appointments, less active members avoiding us. This week will be a good week we have appointments to meet with investigators and less active members and a couple service projects. We have a baptism planned for the end of April but we might have to push it back because they haven't been coming to Church.
Tell Sean congratulations. Tell Kersten and Jace Happy Birthday. I am going to need my aunts addresses to write them thank you cards. I love my family.

email to dad:

Most of the lessons I have in a week are mostly less active members. We have a few investigators that we teach but are not progressing, for the most part we just teach less actives, most of them are recent converts. We haven't done any tracting yet because my trainer says that it is the most effective way to waste time. I have done some street contact, just stopping and talking to someone when we are on our way to an appointment. Everything is going well.


  1. Aaaaaahhhh he remembered me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Jace! This is the best day ever :) I just love Jakey!!

  2. Why does Dad get his very own emails?

    1. Because Dad is special Kersten. And he doesn't call Jake Jakey.